We perform applied research in Anycast networks.
Our goal: traffic engineering and DDoS mitigation.

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Anycast Catchment

Active monitoring the visibility of the anycast sites enable to use the historical graph to predict future traffic load.

BGP Route Annouces

Modify BGP route announces enables to change each site visibility and redirect traffic from one site to another.


Assist operators to accurately distribute the traffic load across sites is fundamental to develop a defense strategy.


Anycast relies on the Internet Routing that we do not have the fine grain control. We should monitor how the Internet sees our service and find the best approach to influence the clients' reachability.

Our solution:

We have developed a tool using a simple and novel approach. Thus, we do regular measurements and observe how our policy can modify traffic distribution across the anycast nodes.


We are proud to say that folks from root-server letter B and CloudFlare are using the proposed methodology to monitor their anycast networks.

TANGLED is a joint project: